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In the current landscape, the hardware industry has grown remarkably competitive. Despite joining the race comparatively later, Winaxis has managed to make outstanding strides, boasting an impressive clientele and a substantial installed base.

Winaxis, as an authorized premium partner/dealer, holds esteemed partnerships with major IT giants such as HP, Dell, Microsoft,MAXHUB. Their product range encompasses servers, networks, security peripherals, and more. With a highly skilled team of hardware engineers and certified specialists in MCSE, CCNA, and HP, DISIPL excels in providing comprehensive IT solutions that cater to the ever-evolving demands of their rapidly expanding clientele.

From initial infrastructure planning to networking and structured cabling installation, winaxis offers total solutions to their customers. They are well-versed in office automation, including video conferencing, VoIP, ISDN,Unified communications and facility management services.

Having ventured into the computer business as a stockiest and reseller, Winaxis has gained extensive experience in the peripherals industry. Their strong and enduring relationships with major manufacturers, importers, and distributors in India give them a competitive edge in this segment, known for its slim profit margins.

Winaxis proudly supplies a wide range of servers, back-up solutions, surveillance systems, unified communications products, audio visual solutions and much more.