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Winaxis Softwares specializes in delivering customized solutions to its clients, leveraging the latest IT tools to enhance productivity and gain a competitive edge in their fast-paced business environments. Through our cutting-edge Management Information Systems (MIS), we empower businesses not only to survive but to thrive by offering robust decision support systems.

This approach has provided valuable insights into our clients’ current business processes, enabling us to identify and address inherent challenges.Our success lies in re-engineering systems, providing software solutions, and facilitating seamless platform conversions and migrations.

Software remains at the core of our offerings, leading to high levels of satisfaction among our existing clients while attracting new ones. our expertise spans two key areas. Firstly, we excel in optimizing business processes, including manufacturing, production planning & control, human resource management, and resource utilization. Secondly, we offer solutions in industrial processes such as test & measurement and process automation.

In these cases, we develop PC-based or microcontroller-based software solutions integrated with relevant electronic components, resulting in innovative products and effective problem-solving.